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Please visit these fine publishers for additional compositions and arrangements by Tom Zugger.

Cimarron Music Press

A Little Opera Music  brass quintet

A Thousand Words  clarinet, viola, and trombone

A Prayer and Wings  unaccompanied trombone

Alaskan Images

Dakota Sounds  brass quintet

Forest Sounds  duo of flute/piccolo and clarinet/bass clarinet

Four Folks Dance  clarinet, horn and bass trombone

Four Form and Function

Going Home  clarinet, trombone, and piano

Goodbye solo trombone

Great Lakes Tableau  brass quintet


In Time a McGinty Farewell  trombone ensemble

Lament  brass quintet

Lullaby for Mommy and Nathan  trombone and piano

Meditation from "Thais"  trombone octet

Midnight Sounds  trombone octet

Rhosymedre  trombone octet

Sine Timore  trombone octet

Solstice  trombone quartet

Sonata  trombone and piano 

Sonata  trumpet and piano

Three Moods  trumpet, trombone and piano

Three Dances  clarinet and trombone or bassoon

Three Portraits  tuba quartet


Published by Ensemble Publications

Lament of the Sun Bear  horn quartet or choir

Mystic Chant & Dance of the Fire Moon  clarinet, trombone and piano

Mahler, Gustav  Chorale, from Symphony No 2 - Finale (Zugger)  clarinet, trombone and piano

Published by Warwick Music Publications, London England

Blue Ridge Summer  trombone choir

Last Night I Danced with a Stranger  trombone choir
Performed at 2005 International Trombone Festival 

Lament of the Sun Bear  trombone quintet

Rhosymedre  arr. for trombone choir

Street Scenes  clarinet and trombone

The Queens Funeral Music arr. trombone choir

O Esca Viatorum  arr. trombone choir

Thaxted  arr. trombone choir

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